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( paradise)
aaru means paradise
arw = arw
reed_brush rush_brush heaven

D36-D21-E23-Z7-M2-Z3A = D36-D21-M17-M17-M2-Z3A
Ancient Egyptian Literature, verses about aaru
+ zas imoor iny qaaru ohir muetapro iny kawuaru
( the overseer of grains and provider of foods) zas tupradru iny Amunemope (The Instructions of Amunemope)
+ fy ahaaru hentew zas neteru
( it stands before the consciousness of nature) zas tupradru iny Amunemope (The Instructions of Amunemope)
+ iri nefrun teshewraw tade khefte ta xaaru
( do not reproach him when he appears) zas tuprade iny Ani (The Instructions of Ani)
+ iri nefrun winum radrade isota kete ahaaru hraher
( do not eat bread while another stands by) zas tuprade iny Ani (The Instructions of Ani)
+ xoto zio junmo ahaaru airi zas imgis iny xoto soro
( a man who stands at the side of a official) zas tupradru iny Amunemope (The Instructions of Amunemope)
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aAi_1011 = to_grow_up_o__mature

aaru = paradise

aAwy_r_3950 = the_two_leaves_of_the_door_o__double_doors

aA_2087 = ass_o__donkey

abowe = mark

abpamru = horns

abtuwet = feast

Abt_5810 = family_o__parents

abwt_1051 = feast_o__offerings_o__oblations_o__festal_offerings

Abw_1808 = branding_irons

Abw_4653 = desire_o__pleasure_o__wish_o__volition_o__joyfulness

Abw_8594 = brand_o__brand_marks_o__branding_iron

abw_9198 = lettuce_Lactuca_sativa

Aby_3219 = panther_o__leopard

Ab_or_iAb_2004 = em_unknown___kla__kwji

aDaD_6152 = to_rejoice_o__to_exult

aDA_6385 = crime_o__evil_o__falsehood_o__guilt_o__lie

aD_8455 = edge_o__margin_of_cultivation

aD_9920 = srit_goose_fat

ahae = stela

ahaworu = heaps

ahawru = tombs

aHAw_1789 = arrows_o__weapons

aHaw_5680 = lifetime_o__duration_o__time_span_o__space_o__pause_o__period

aHaw_8682 = location_of_the_sun_in_Netherworld