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( respected)
sefsefyty means respected
SfSfyty = tryt

N37-I9-N37-I9-M17-M17-X1-Z4-F8 = X1-D21-M17-M17-A30
Ancient Egyptian Literature, verses about sefsefyty
+ uimo wa junmo shi sefsefyty hur zas suteper iny zioru
( as one who be respected in the speech of men) zas tupradru iny Amunemope (The Instructions of Amunemope)
+ khefte ntek laru sefsefyty ohir tayek sewhet shapru ntek
( when you are respected and your coffin conceals you) zas tupradru iny Amunemope (The Instructions of Amunemope)
+ ta shi sefsefyty hir hesbu iny tayfe metwet
( he be respected on account of his progeny) zas tuprade iny Ani (The Instructions of Ani)
+ shi sefsefyty nit tayek gausi ebioru
( be respected for your silent good deeds) ewuudru iny PtahHotep (Precepts of PtahHotep)
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