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( wish)
abi means wish
Abi = Abt

R15-D58 = U23-D58-X1-A2-Z2
Ancient Egyptian Literature, verses about abi
+ nis uabi hentew oito
( to pause before saying) zas tupradru iny Amunemope (The Instructions of Amunemope)
+ waty nit xoto atoe iriru fy wodio ekefa owabiru
( only for a moment does it put forth roots) zas tupradru iny Amunemope (The Instructions of Amunemope)
+ hesye oxabie seeneter laru kawuaru nis neteru
( song dance incense are foods to consciousness of nature) zas tuprade iny Ani (The Instructions of Ani)
+ reke kown ta essamiru udes diewe ohir otehiru tayek abi
( but if he conducts himself evil and transgresses your wish) ewuudru iny PtahHotep (Precepts of PtahHotep)
+ iri nefrun abi nit zas nepur xaywut iny zas yosaru
( do not wish for the grain measures of the fields) zas tupradru iny Amunemope (The Instructions of Amunemope)
+ kown ntek potor ziowa gabito
( if you see someone cheating) zas tupradru iny Amunemope (The Instructions of Amunemope)
+ ntek sewga iobo iri ntek abi nayru nis esuba
( you foolish heart do you wish us to teach) zas tuprade iny Ani (The Instructions of Ani)
+ tayfe abi shi nit pussete atyetru tade
( his wish be for what nurses him) zas tuprade iny Ani (The Instructions of Ani)
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